Adjustment to Vision Loss

Our Adjustment to Vision Loss Program consists of four service areas which include Initial Assessment, Adaptive Aids for Daily Living, Referral & Advocacy Services, and Sight Loss Support Groups.

  • Initial Assessment

Our Case Manager visits each new client in their home for an initial assessment in order to evaluate their individual needs, skills and obstacles. The Case Manager and the client will then work together to develop a personalized service plan based on each client’s specified needs.

  • Adaptive Aids for Daily Living

During the initial assessment, clients will be provided with an adaptive aids package specific to their needs.  Adaptive aids for daily living can include a talking clock, low vision pen, signature guide, check writing guide, large print check register, large print address book, bold lined note paper, tactile markings for appliances, and a large print calendar.  These adaptive aids will be the first tools to assist each client on their road to adjusting to vision loss.

  • Referral & Advocacy Services

Referral & Advocacy Services are a very important part of the Adjustment to Vision Loss process.  We provide clients with the information they need to connect to other beneficial community resources.  We also provide them with the knowledge and understanding they need to be advocates for themselves in the community as well as with friends and relatives.  Armed with the right skills, our clients are able to let others know when and how to offer assistance.

  • Sight Loss Support Groups

Sight Loss Support Groups are a forum for sharing of ideas, exchange of feelings, and sharing of practical experiences and information among individuals with vision loss.  Attending support groups helps clients adjust to vision loss by reducing barriers in many areas such as communication, health and fitness, accessibility and disability status.  The goal is to promote self-confidence, independence and success through peer support and practical information sharing.  For information on dates, times and location of upcoming Support Group meetings click here.