Gift of Sight: Basic Eye Exams

As part of the Marilyn Moore Maslow Vision Resource Center, the Gift of Sight program allows us to partner with participating eye care professionals to provide basic eye exams for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.  Consistent with the Association for the Blind’s goal of preventing blindness, this program provides improved vision that empowers adults and children to pursue a better quality of life for themselves and their communities. Local Eye Care Professionals partner with the Association for the Blind to provide free basic eye exams for individuals who are low-income and un/under-insured.  Applicants must meet financial guidelines and provide proof of income to qualify for this program.  For more information on lthis program, call 570-693-3555 ext. 225 or send us an email.

We would like to thank the following Eye Doctors who support this vital program:       Everyone needs an eye exam image

  • Dr. Robert Blasé
  • Dr.  James Bozzuto
  • Dr.  Patricia Butler
  • Dr.  Carrie Cardillo
  • Dr. Adam Coffee
  • Dr. Diane DelRegno
  • Dr. Jeffrey Empfield
  • Dr. Shelley Eskin
  • Dr. Darrell Evans
  • Dr. Donna McLaughlin
  • Dr. Brian O'Donnell
  • Dr. Thomas Piccirilli
  • Dr. Patricia Russo
  • Dr. Martha Shipe
  • Dr. Michael Soltysiak
  • Dr. Carl Urbanski
  • Dr. Tammy Warmouth
  • Dr.  Michele Wasilauski
  • Dr. Christina Gillow

If you are an Eye Care Professional and are interested in becoming a part of our Gift of Sight Program, please click here for more information, fill out the application and return it to Dr. Amy Olex (via mail at 1825 Wyoming Ave., Exeter, PA 18643 - fax at 570-693-1307 or email).