InSight Kids Club of NEPA

insight kids club logoInSight Kids Club of NEPA is program organized in partnership with Community Services for Sight for blind and visually impaired children to get together and enjoy both recreational and instructional opportunities as a group. We know how important is it for children who are blind and visually impaired to learn the social and daily living skills that they will need to grow into independent, productive members of our community. We also know how important it is for these wonderful  kids to have a network of support with peers who are living with some of the same challenges. Our InSight Kids Club of NEPA is an amazing combination of both, ensuring a well rounded experience for all participating kids. 

Our InSight Kids Club of NEPA is now offering:

  • Family Parties                                                                   
  • New Technology Training Courses
  • Family Support Group
  • Fun Field Trips

We are also still continuing our Monthly Programs and activities for children who are blind and visually impaired  to get together to enjoy different opportunities as a group. So far, we have attended Wilkes-Barre Scranton Rail Riders and Penguins games, enjoyed some art classes, played Knockerball and much more.

InSight Kids Club also offers two structured, educational programs for children who are blind or visually impaired —Camp Sight Junior/Camp Sight and Transition Assistance.

  • Camp Sight Junior/Camp Sight

Camp Sight is a summer day camp for blind and visually impaired youth.  This much needed instructional program teaches children the daily living and socialization skills they need to become independent, productive members of the community.  There is no other program of this type in Northeastern Pennsylvania.Camp Sight logo with sunshine

But Camp Sight is more than just an educational program.  It is also a lot of fun! Often times, blind and visually impaired children are not able to participate in the same activities as their sighted peers and therefore miss out on many fun experiences.  Camp Sight gives the children the opportunity to enjoy activities they never have before such as horse back riding, archery, ice skating, rock climbing, and much more. 

Camp Sight Junior is for children ages 5-10 and Camp Sight is for children 11-18.  For more information on the program, please contact 570-693-3555 x222 or via email. 

  • Transition Assistance Program

The Transition Assistance Program provides blind and visually impaired high school students with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully transition from high school to college, trade school, or employment.  The goal of the program is to help students identify and gain more information on careers of interest, and the steps they need to take to make the successful transition to life beyond high school.  There is also no other program of this type in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

During this program, students are provided with knowledge and experiences to help them make informed decisions about their education and career after high school.  These experiences include an over-night stay in a local college dormitory and visits to several higher education and employment sites.  The program explores many topics and skills to help students prepare for the future.  This includes completing a career interest inventory; self-marketing exercises;  verbal and written communications skills; organization and time management; access technology; and daily living skills.  They will also learn how to fill out job applications, how to prepare for interviews, and if, when, and how to disclose their visual impairment to potential employers.  They learn how to connect to important resources in colleges, trade schools, the work force, and their community.

If you know of a student in high school and will be transitioning into secondary school or the workforce and might be interested in participating in this program - please contact 570-693-3555 x222 or via email.

Below is our upcoming calendar of events - click on any of the events for more details. If you would like RSVP to any event listed below to or need more infomation on any of the InSight Kids Club programming, including Family Support Group, please contact Kristen Boyle at 570-693-3555 x222 or Lori at 570-455-0421.