Prevention of Blindness

Each year we provide Vision Screenings for thousands of children and adults in our service areas.  These screenings help to detect potential vision and eye health problems, often before symptoms are noticed.  We also provide age-appropriate education on preventing blindness through early detection and eye health and safety programs.  All of our screenings and education programs are free of charge.  We provide screenings for children in pre-schools and daycares, and for adults at senior centers, health fairs, and work environments.  For more information about Prevention of Blindness or to schedule a Vision Screening or Eye Health & Safety Education Program at your facility call 570-693-3555 ext. 227 or email us.


Vision Screenings

Each year we provide thousands of free vision screenings to children and adults in our service areas. These screenings help to detect potential vision and eye health problems, often before symptoms are noticed.

Eye Health and Safety Education

We provide adults and children with age-appropriate information and tools they can use to help prevent blindness through our free eye health and safety education programs.








Everyone can follow these four simple rules to help preserve healthy vision:

  • Get Regular Eye Exams
  • Eat Plenty of Dark Leafy Greens
  • Wear Sunglasses
  • Don’t Smoke

Below is a list of signs that may indicate a potential vision problem in children:

  • Consistently sits too close to the TV or holds books too close
  • Squints or frowns often
  • Blinks eyes more than usual
  • Tilts head or thrusts head forward to see better
  • Frequently rubs eyes, even when not sleepy
  • Shields eyes or other signs of sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tearing and watery eyes
  • Closes one eye to read, watch TV or see better
  • Avoids activities that require near vision, such as coloring or reading; or distance vision, such as playing ball or tag
  • Complains of headaches or tired eyes
  • Stumbles easily over small objects

If you notice any of these signs in your child, call an eye care professional to schedule an appointment for an eye exam!  If you require assistance in obtaining an eye exam for your child or yourself, please contact the Association for the Blind at 570-693-3555 ext. 227 or email us.