Though it may be impossible to remove all of the dust particles in our homes, there are actually a few simple techniques to effectively remove them. If you’re interested to know further about this, keep on reading below: 

Cleaning carpets 

If you have a carpeted flooring, then you’ve got an exceptionally high-maintenance floor since they can easily attract dust mites and dust. For this reason, they need to be vacuumed daily and perhaps more than once when there are people who are suffering from allergies. When you really want to use your carpet for a long time, then think about investing in a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter that can stop dust from recirculated in the air and one that has a double-layered microfilter bag. If you want your home to obtain less dust, then consider having tile, hardwood, or linoleum floors. Moreover, never opt for shag carpeting since they are extremely difficult to clean.  

Clean from top to bottom 

Make sure to clean all high surfaces first and work your way down your home. This is to guarantee that all the dust that would fall from these high surfaces can be cleaned after. Begin with cleaning your ceiling fans, for instance, and then transfer to the top of your shelves or cabinets and then clean downwards. Always remember not to utilize a feathered duster as you clean something high above because it will only spread the dust all over. Make sure to vacuum every dust particle found below after your cleaning session ends.  

Prepare the must-have cleaning supplies  

A brush or even a dry cloth is among the most apparent options you may get if you intend to do dusting and cleaning. But these items do not get rid of as much dust as we would like them to, instead, they just either suspend dust in the air or move dust around. As a result, dust will only settle everywhere within your house. Even several dust removal products we can avail on the market don’t do such a great job as well. So, what you have to obtain to effectively remove dust would be high-quality microfiber rags that can keep the dust. Also, you need dusting wands with good quality.  

Keep your closets clean 

Our closets are a major source of cloth fiber, generating most of the dust within your home. The clothes and garments you store in your closet will normally shed fiber on a regular basis. Because of this, it would be best to vacuum it more frequently. Keep in mind that storing your things in containers, plastic bags, or garment bags is a good way to at least minimize the dust confetti from your cabinets. 

If you’re unsure how to effectively remove dust in your home regardless of the tips we provided above, you don’t have to worry because professional Oakland cleaners will help you carry this task out effectively for the wellness of your home and to promote a healthy household.