Fur parents only want the best for their fur babies and this is proven and tested over time. Dogs always become a huge part of the family and every member is very welcoming of these furry babies because they play a huge part in bringing comfort and entertainment to the whole family. Fur babies are definitely fun to have around the home. They are definitely wonderful creatures that you would want your home to have. The experience you will have with fur babies around you would be different based on the breed of the dog and the way you treat them. There are some dogs that require more training than others and there are more feisty kinds of dogs than others so you also have to choose the kind that you could deal with based on your lifestyle and based on what you can do.  

The ultimate k9 experience really depends on how you treat your dogs or fur babies because you receive what you give out to the world. If you are kind and good to them, you will also feel like your dogs are taking care of you by comforting you in times when you need them because they are man’s best friend and you could only have this experience if you have a pet of your own. If you are planning to have one please check out pet shelters because they have a lot of pets that needs a new and loving home. This is one way of rescuing them from their sad and abusive past, by giving them a new family that will love them and take care of them genuinely.  

The best thing that you could do for your pets is to feed them with food that will not only make them happy but also makes them healthy. If this is your first time to own a pet dog then we are going to list down the different human food that you can feed your dog.  

  1. BREAD: The dogs could take and eat bread. But bread is just carbohydrates and calories for your dog and this is not good if you are limiting these weight gaining substances to your overweight pet. Make sure that you also feed them the plain kind of bread. 
  2. CORN: Dogs could be fed with corn but it is important to note that you should not give the entire cob to the dog because the cob is hard and your dog would not be able to digest it properly. Just serve your dogs with the kernels of the corn. 
  3. MILK: Of course, you could give your dogs milk, but you have to make sure that your dog is not lactose intolerant because it will cause dehydration for them as well which is not good for them.  
  4. PEANUTS: It is okay to feed your dogs peanuts but not almonds so be extra careful of distinguishing what kind of nut you feed you dogs for snack. 

It is important that you know the different foods that youpet could eat so that there will no accidents along the way.