We have some kids that they wanted to get their room. That means they’re going to sleep by themselves. Of course, they want this one since they wanted to experience becoming an independent student. You’re just afraid that they will do bad things or unpleasant troubles that we may come across it or later. But you need to remember that you have to trust them because they are your kids and they just wanted to feel a great experience of living by themselves. This is a good preparation for them to know how to clean their room and leave independently. 

Of course, if they’re living in a dormitory, that could be a bit harder since they will feel alone and lonely sometimes. It will be hard for them to make friends and have to live by themselves in that room. So, you have to plan for a nice room renovation for you to get a good reason. This is not limited to those students who will be accommodated in a dormitory or an apartment. This is also a very good idea for those students who plan to have an apartment or house.  

You want to make the ambiance more interesting and friendly to them to choose the wallpaper you like here. But of course, you need to ask their permission about which wolf paper you are going to decorate or install. There are some kids that they have their preferences, like having one color or plain one only. Some boys wanted to have their cartoon character-type wallpaper as they feel that it will give them a very manly appearance.   

You can use a star projector light in case that you don’t like to use wallpaper there. At least they can choose the theme that they want. There are many options for them to choose and they can always change this one night by night. At least they can enjoy the view, and at the same time, they won’t feel bored with the designs and styles.  

If the room is slightly smaller than what you are expecting, you can always try to reinvent and restructure the room or the furniture there. You can include the bed as you could have a personalized bed or a pull-out bed. This is the thing same thing with the desk. You have to tell them to be more organized when it comes to placing their books and stuff on the desk’s surface.  

It is nice that you will consider a lot of cabinets or shelves where they can put their books and other things that they don’t normally use so that they can hide it and it would be messy to their eyes. So, you can tell them that they have to put it back after using a certain thing so that they don’t need to clean or do a general cleaning every Saturday or Sunday.