When it comes to the 60s or the 70s, popcorn ceiling is a hit. In order to hide a drywall or a ceiling’s imperfection popcorn ceiling was a perfect way to cut cost and to cut time needed to get the job done. However, there can be a downside to this type of ceiling. Since the ceiling is textured, it can really accumulate dirt through its holes or cracks and if you are done with the hassle of cleaning a popcorn ceiling, you can also be faced with the problem of how you can be able to get rid of it.  



To lessen the stress of removing a popcorn ceiling, here are some tips and tricks just for you. 


  1. Scrape Test 

A scrape test is a way to know if your popcorn ceiling will be a tough job to conquer or not. The first part of the test is scraping the ceiling without wetting it and if it can be removed easily then you will probably have lesser effort to go through the day. However sometimes scraping a popcorn ceiling dry can be very difficult and some reason that has made it hard to scrape off must be paint. If your popcorn ceiling has been painted on or has paint mixed in before applying it to your ceiling, then it will probably be a stressful process. You can also try wetting the popcorn ceiling and give it some time to absorb it, after a few moments try and scrape it off. If it comes off easily, then you can continue with the process easily, however if it is still difficult to remove after wetting you might need to call for help.  


2. Prepare for a mess 

Removing a popcorn ceiling can become messy thus ensuring that your things and your furniture are covered is a wise way to start the job. Use plastic for covering your things because if you wet your popcorn ceiling, cloth coverings can still get messy. Moreover, through a plastic covering, you can easily throw out the popcorn ceiling debris you have removed.  


3. Remove fixtures in your ceiling 

If you think that removing your popcorn ceiling with your light fixtures still on your ceiling is easy work then you thought wrong. When you remove your popcorn ceiling, you will need to do a lot of scraping thus fixtures in your ceiling can get in the way of your movement. Moreover, it is always safer to remove the fixtures for electrical safety.  


4. Wet the ceiling with a spray 

To ensure that you won’t get messy while wetting your popcorn ceiling, use a spray pump to wet your ceiling with convenience. Since using a spray might not directly let your ceiling soak in the water it has been introduced to, leave your ceiling to soak the sprayed water for 15 minutes or so. For sure you will have an easier scraping afterwards.  


5. Work in sections 

Do not assume that you are the flash. Work with your popcorn ceiling in sections. Spraying smaller areas at a time and letting it soak for a few minutes helps you be in track with the scraping. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with a task we try to do it all at once, however in removing a popcorn ceiling, working in larger sections might come as a disadvantage. Since you want your ceiling soaked, working in larger areas will leave you with dry areas even before you get to it, thus ensure that you are taking your time and working in section by section.  


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