There are a lot of names you can address drywall. This includes gypsum boards, buster boards, custard boards, sheet-rock, wall-board, and much more. Drywall is one of the most highly popular and commonly utilized construction materials. 

It’s a vital add-on to each home refinishing and remodeling. Drywall is cost-effective. Aside from that, it is extremely resilient to fire and water. Thus, it’s one of the ideal materials for the walls of your house.  

However, before you hire a drywall contractor Fairfax County VA for your next remodeling project, there are several things you should know about drywalls. This includes: 

What is Drywall? 

Drywall is mainly sheathing or sheeting. The material is made of gypsum. It’s a high-quality Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate panel.  

Drywall consists of two sheets of paper. These sheets are sandwiched between the gypsum panel. This helps produce a safety barrier on the interior sides of walls and ceilings. The gypsum panel is typically combined with plasticizer, paper-fiber, and fiber-glass. These materials help lower the possibility of water absorption, flammability, and mold growth. It is an excellent option for hiding steel beams, walls, ceilings, and wrap columns. 

Is Drywall Good? 

Due to the insulation properties, and excellent water absorption of drywall, people consider it as one of the safest wall materials for any building. If you install drywall in your house, you can keep cool air during summer and warm air during winter.  

These benefits and many more make drywall a great option for any building upgrades or home remodeling project.  

What Are the Perks of Drywall? 

You can easily customize drywall. Aside from that, you can also modify it to meet particular needs and preferences. Its excellent personalization and sizing features enable homeowners and building contractors to plan their construction projects with accuracy and precision. 

Furthermore, you can install drywall as a temporary or permanent feature of your home. If you install drywall on the ceiling and walls of your house, it will last forever. You can also use it for temporary purposes, particularly if you plan to install partition walls.  

Drywall is persistent, sturdy, and affordable. It requires less labor compared to other types of walls. For instance, if you choose plaster, you will have to apply several coats to it. On the other hand, if you install drywall, you will only require at least one coat.  

Drywall can act as the best defense system to water and fire because of the combination of water and calcium sulfate. This means that you can lower the possibilities of fire damage with the excellent anti-flaming properties of drywall. 

When it comes to strength and durability, drywall is extremely remarkable. It can sustain and support the walls of your home. If needed, you can even remove, cut, and change the drywall.  

Compared to regular plaster, drywall offers better quality. Aside from that, it is also sturdier and more durable. Installing drywall is also much quicker and easier compared to installing plaster. Thus, it can help you save money during the installation process.